New RemiX! “Uprising(Headnodic’s Organize And Uprise Refix)Feat. Raashan Ahmad”

Producer Headnodic flips the a cappella of “Uprising(Do it)” from Destani Wolf’s new EP Peek Away, featuring the one and only Raashan Ahmad. “Most people live by their fears, they’re so afraid of what might happen – future of the unknown. Afraid to fail, or even of success. These lyrics are addressing that fear; to live in that present moment, take a risk on you because ultimately, if you don’t live to your fullest potential, you’ll never know. Fearing the future when the future is not real? Only the present is real. A reminder to myself too. I wanna see people live to their full potential. ” -Destani Wolf
Artwork done by Lexx Valdez, Manuki & BraveWolf Productions

Free Download Here!

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