Featured at Festival with Grateful Dead members

Even though I’m a Berkeley girl, I didn’t grow up listening to The Grateful Dead 🙂 but I respect the musical history and, through close friends, the culture & community. So to be featured with the legendary Bill Kreutzmann this weekend, along with the Giants Bobby Vega, Steve Kimock and the amazing Aron Magner on the classics “Shakedown Street” & “Ship of Fools” for this beautiful Festival of true fans was magical and moving. Then to get to rock this outdoor stage again with my band the next day, took it to a new level! Thank you to everyone who was open and present and those who put this fun, generous festival together. I just want to live on the stage. I feel blessed. Chris Joseph, Marmot King, Victoria Theodore, Steve Hogan,Marc Rey, Luq Frank, rafa postel & Josh Jones

Photo by John Margaretten


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