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Again And Again

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Again And Again

1. Uncritical Way
2. Revelation
3. You Should Know
4. Cecilita
5. Again And Again
6. Your Affection
7. Mind In The Way
8. Enchanted Soul (AKA Tranquilo)
9. Ain’t Worth It
10. Feel It
11. De Donde Eres
12. Is It You?

Destani Wolf’s voice is a thing of wonder: a big, bold, beautiful voice. “Again and Again…” her first venture as a solo artist, reveals a powerful, determined woman spreading her words of strength. Driven by her vocal valor, her uplifting lyrics glide over slabs of funk and soul, and tasty grooves punctuated with the Latin, reggae and hip-hop music she loves. A smart, multi-cultural collection of original songs, “Again and Again…” is the result of potent and sexy songwriting and well-constructed musical arrangements.