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John Santos and The Machete Ensemble

John Santos and The Machete Ensemble -20th Anniversary 2005

1 Commitment
2 Giant Steps
3 Perseverance
4 Oye Mis Consejos
5 Tumbando
6 Circle
7 Hacia el Amor
8 Devuelveme lo Mio
9 Kongo
10 A Los Bailadores
11 Omodé
12 Hearsay
13 Hacia La Luz
14 All Relative
15 Searchin’
16 Pequeña Amaly
17 La Maraquera
18 No Entiendo La Palabra Tener
19 You Don’t Know What Love is
20 Cambia El Canal
21 El Changüí De Peraza
22 Atardecer Matancero
23 La Juventud

Destani is featured on the classic jazz standard “Your Love for Me”. Machete was conceived on the premise that we would consistently compose and arrange original music and we’ve adhered to that premise from the beginning. We documented most of that original repertoire by recording in spite of nearly non-existent record label support. This 20th Anniversary CD set represents a cross section of that work throughout our evolution. The earlier recordings on the first disc (1989-90) are from our large ensemble days when we regularly used at least five wind instruments, and vocalists on most of the material, along with the full rhythm section. Current Macheteros, John Calloway, Wayne Wallace, Melecio Magdaluyo, David Belove, Paul Van Wageningen, John Santos, and sometimes Orestes Vilató, were all part of that era. Rebeca Mauleón, Bill Ortiz, Jeff Cressman, Mario Abruzzo, Jesus Díaz, Ramon Estevez, Roberto Quintana and Sal Núñez also put in a lot of time with us during that stage.