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O Maya

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2.No Matter the Space and Time
4.Mexico Lindo
5.Buscando Paz
6.Murgaño Viejo
8.Pablo Nuevo
9.Nothing Less Than Freedom
10.Lagrima De Risa
11.Despiertate Paloma
12.The Global Interlude
13.Descarga Para Sto

Destani toured and managed this Local club favorite and Afro-Latin hip hoppers O-Maya out of The Bay Area. Nearly a big band, this ten member group takes Hip Hop and Latin rhythms and moves your back bone into the future with deep groove melodies, poppin’ MCs, fresh back beats and a humpin’ drum and bass.
Mixin’ up Latin melodies with up to the minute messages of hope and defiance, O-Maya’s brand new album gives listeners songs you can dance to with words you can believe in.

This fresh mix is brought to you by Puerto Rican MC Rico Pabon who’s work flows on stages around the world through the music of The Prophets of Rage; Destani Wolf, formerly of SoVoSo’, continues her self titled group and records and plays with gifted musicians John Santos, Bobi Cesperez and Pharcyde; and Jorge Martinez, the young traditional Mexican musician who ties the past and future together, with 7 more Bay Area talents rockin’ it, in their hot new album “O-Maya”.

Especially check out song selections “Mentiroso”, a hip hop afro cuban blend with a clear political message featuring Rico Pabon, Hector Perez and Jorge Martinez.

Track 2 “Beso”, a booty shaker featuring nationally acclaimed guest MC Zion I and O-maya’s own Pabon. The song seamlessly fuses ska, cumbia ,reggae and hip hop.

Track 4 “No Matter the Space and time” sweet melodies wistfully take you away through the soulful vocals of Destani Wolf.

O-maya’s debut album will rock any dance floor, from bumpin’ house parties to Hot club spots. They’ll touch you everywhere, all age groups, all cultural backgrounds, all inclusive, all who want to have a good time while appreciating Life. Find out for yourself…