Your Love For Me by Destani Wolf (live)

“Your Love for me” is a song Destani wrote for her parents from her Peek Away EP.
Recording/Performing artist Destani Wolf releases a series of live acoustic music videos she filmed in Los Angeles where she currently lives. Each week #DestaniSUNSETSESSIONS will reveal her take on covers she loves and acoustic versions of her recent EP release “Peek Away”.

Guitar by Bobby Easton
Video by Superhuman Pictures…

Sound recorded by Bobby Easton
Mixed by Eduardo Larez
Stylist Vived Gonzalez

Special thanks to Vived, Randy, Dominique & Eddie

One thought on “Your Love For Me by Destani Wolf (live)

  1. Good afternoon Ms.Wolf,

    I enjoyed your performance at the Great America Music Hall recently love that air trumpet.My partner and I our just finishing a project and have been blessed with some great musicians,Tony Lindsay,John Santos,Mic Gillette and some other seasoned veterans.Would you be interested in doing a duet with Tony if it’s something you might consider please let me know I know you two could bring some magic to the song.In closing have a nice week,keep making that beautiful music

    George Andino/Dave Shul

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